Has therapy helped you?

"Yes, I feel calmer" "Yes I feel happy afterwards" "It helped me get my anger out"

What do you like about coming to therapy?

"… I like my therapist, I like playing in the sand, I like playing with the lego and the doll house"

"That I can play and and do art"

“Amazing, my gosh fabulous”

“I like talking about my feelings”


* has gained an ability to reflect on her behaviour and how or why she feels a certain way. She can communicate this much more readily and is curious to find answers of how her past is affecting her views and decisions now. She has developed a much stronger sense of self.

I feel the service has been a great help and support to *. It helps him to understand and learn strategies to help him. * seems less worried, angry etc. since receiving the therapy.


“We have a very good working relationship with Lesley and her team for a very long time now. We work hand in hand together to achieve the best possible outcomes for every child in *, the success rate we have is in no small part down to the collaborative work we do alongside About Children and their highly experienced team.”

“You are a very approachable team that have also helped me as well as the children.”