What others say

Children / Young Person:

"I feel calmer, I feel happy afterwards" "It helped me get my anger out"

"… I like my therapist, I like playing in the sand, I like playing with the lego and the doll house"

"Therapy helps me to get away from the problems in my life and to talk about how I am feeling without telling anyone else."

"Eventually, when you get to know your therapist you can tell them your feelings. You can draw and make playdoh and play."

"Therapy helps me with my anxiety and gives me an open space to say what’s on my mind"


"It definitely helped him to get a lot out of his head. He loved going to his session as he said it was ‘his time’ to think, reflect and have space"

"His behaviour has definitely improved"

"I’m very appreciative that this service is here. It has helped both my children and it has helped us as a family."

Parenting Support:

"I feel heard and supported in what is the very challenging role of adoptive parent."

"Gave us a lot of knowledge and was always ready to talk."

"Therapy has helped me identify triggers and work around them."

"It helped me to understand why my child may feel a certain way."


"Communication with the therapists is excellent"

"The work the team do and have done over the last year through the pandemic has been fantastic. Not only have they helped the children by continuing sessions via Zoom but also us as carers."

"About Children is a nice calm space, even for the adults that are in the waiting room. Always friendly and welcoming. Keep doing what you guys do best, which is a fantastic job."

"I personally feel we have a really  good working relationship with About Children, the communication is always on point."

"I am very happy with the service"

"A welcoming and calming atmosphere. Thank You."

Last updated January 2022.