Adult Therapy

Adult Therapy

Having worked with children and families for many years we recognize that sometimes the unmet needs of the adult can get lost and resurface when trying to meet the needs of one’s own children. Whilst we are currently able to offer support to parents in the form of Therapeutic Parenting Support sessions there are some circumstances where the needs of parents or carers can be so overwhelming for them that they are not in a position to support their children through the therapeutic process until they have addressed their own needs through one-to-one psychological support.

In response to this we have decided to extend our service to offer individual therapy to parents and carers whose child is going to be accessing therapy with About Children and who wish to explore their own unmet needs first. Alongside this, as a registered adoption agency we realize that adults may need time to think about their own adoption journey or experience of being in care. We are also now offering creative therapy or counselling/psychotherapy sessions to adults who are adopted or are care experienced. The number of sessions will be agreed after an initial assessment and will take place weekly.

This service will be offered privately through self referral on a sliding scale.

To discuss the fee structure and referral process please contact : or ring 01539 723746


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