The Vision

About Children works to improve the lives, relationships and futures of children who have had multiple adverse experiences. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcomes for them in 4 main ways, by:

1. Giving them a safe, supportive therapeutic relationship, we provide children with a secure foundation for them to (re) establish and develop meaningful, loving and lasting relationships with their parents, carers and families .

2. Helping children face and work through the thoughts, feelings and experiences with which they have been struggling, this can enable them to fully realise their potential.

3. Working directly with parents and carers, we can help them better understand the children’s needs and therefore learn how to respond in the most containing, constructive and supportive ways to what the children say and do.

4. Working with the wider system – health, social care, education, residential care organisations etc. – to provide the most secure, consistent, stable, supportive and enabling environment within which children can flourish.

What does the team at About Children bring to enable the children and young people to achieve these outcomes?

Our team of therapists and case managers have many years of experience of:

  • Providing a safe place in which children can express and explore their emotions.
  • Providing therapies including Art, Drama, Music, Play therapy and Counselling.
  • Providing a choice of approach to best suit each individual.
  • Providing direct support for parents and/or carers.
  • Providing support for parents and carers alongside the child/young person’s therapy.
  • Ensuring that the child’s voice is central in the therapeutic process.
  • Who do we receive referals from?

    We receive referals from:

  • Adoption Support Teams
  • Childrens Services
  • Residential Schools
  • Teachers